People Are Both Inspired and Confused by This Viral Fridge-Decorating Trend

published Feb 8, 2023
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Credit: Paul Taylor / Getty Images

To be honest, the inside of a fridge can say a lot about a person. When you open that door, you’re taking a look into a person’s day-to-day: what they like to eat or drink, if they meal prep, how much money they spend, whether they have kids or pets — you can find out all of it. And that might be why the internet is fascinated by people’s fridges. Whether it’s tips on how to organize your shelves or the best ways to clean out those sticky mystery stains, it seems that people love to snoop inside of a fridge. 

So when I heard about this viral video by Eve Scampoli of @gardenof_eve, I was immediately curious what her fridge looked like. With almost four million views, the video reveals a perfectly styled fridge that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. The shelves are spotless and everything has a place — including one for a framed photo of her cat. 

Surrounding neatly packed shelves and drawers are wispy sprigs of eucalyptus and baby’s breath that line the walls of the fridge. From yogurt, baby carrots, and mushrooms to tiny bottles of vitamins and even a couple dozen cans of Michelob Ultra, everything is pristinely placed on the shelves, causing viewers to be both impressed and obsessed. “WHY AM I SO OBSESSED WITH THIS!? I get that it’s impractical but my god, the aesthetics and organization are so soothing,” one commenter said.

Other comments surely took off under the post and while some people said they were feeling inspired, others were riled up about the decorations, specifically the framed photo of her cat and the plant. ““The flowers and pictures in your fridge?!? Girl I can’t even get leftovers in mine lol,” said one viewer, while another simply said, “ENOUGH.”

Looking back at Scampoli’s TikTok, she regularly posts new versions of her fridge, from a Halloween-inspired makeover to a holiday-themed one. Most videos start with her opening the fridge door and panning across the shelves, with occasional close-ups of the different foods and decorations. Other videos show the process from start to finish.

At the end of the day, I say do what makes you happy and it’s clear that these makeovers bring Scampoli joy. And as a cat lady myself, I love the photo of her cat and may consider putting a photo of my kitties inside my fridge too. It may not be for everyone but I think it just may be a trend worth following!