The Absurdly Simple Secret to Cleaning Your Dirty Kitchen Back Door That I Learned on TikTok

published Oct 12, 2022
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Credit: Shutterstock/Artazum

Our last house had an open concept and the kitchen was tucked into the center of the home. Although I could see outside through the adjacent sunroom and the nearby dining room, the kitchen had none of its own windows. 

One of many things I love about the kitchen in our new house is that it not only has a window, but also a glass back door that lets us look out onto our back porch and yard from our eat-in nook

The back door in the kitchen is our most-used exit to the back yard and sometimes it feels like it’s a revolving door of kids and dogs. It’s the spot where our dogs peer inside the house with their actual puppy dog eyes for us to let them back in. And when they get impatient, they jump on the door with their muddy paws. (Insert side eye emoji.) They somehow didn’t get the memo to wipe their paws on the doormat I have conveniently placed outside the back door that reads “Wipe your paws.” 

Cleaning the back door has become a regular and messy chore, so when I saw a brilliant TikTok hack that involves using a dish-washing wand to scrub off the mud from the door, I had to try it. I’m familiar with using a dish-washing wand to clean shower doors, but using it to clean mud from the door frame was a new and exciting possibility. 

Here’s what I used: 

  • Dish washing wand filled with a bit of soap and water
  • Bowl of water and a plastic cup 
  • Paper towels to dry 

To clean your back door with a dish washing wand, dip it in water and then use it to scrub off the mud. I scrubbed the threshold, too, while I was at it. Once everything is scrubbed, pour water over the soapy parts. Dry with a paper towel if you want, but it’s not necessary. Try to do this when kids and dogs aren’t walking in and out! 

I thought the hack worked quite well for a “quick and dirty” cleaning of the door. But to get the door really clean, I needed to make a pass with a Magic Eraser too. I also wonder if the door would dry quickly enough if I used the hack on a colder day. 

Overall, though, I’ll be keeping this dishwashing wand under the sink for the express purpose of scrubbing the dirty back door as needed. Thanks, TikTok.