The Super-Smart Trick for Perfectly Seasoned Fries (and More!) While on the Go

published Mar 2, 2022
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Credit: gvictoria

While I’m not a huge Tic Tac fan myself, my kids really enjoy those bite-sized mints. In my family, the rectangle-shaped mint dispensers make an appearance any time we’re going on a long car ride or a flight, or if I need to bribe my kids to smile and stay still during a family photo shoot. They also come in a container with a fun flap that’s entertaining in its own right.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Not surprisingly, these tiny containers are good for more than just storing mints and keeping little ones busy. As with many food containers, these handy mint dispensers are multipurpose and reusable. So once you finish up your supply, don’t be so fast to toss those empty plastic boxes in the recycling bin! We’ve got a pretty smart trick that’ll be a hit the next time you eat on the run. Ready to see what it is?

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use an Empty Tic Tac Container to Store Spices for On-the-Go Eating

Tic Tac containers make for the ultimate mini spice jars. I’m sure you’ve driven away from your local burger takeout, loaded with a carton of hot fries, only to notice they weren’t salted and no one threw in any salt packs. You know what would make that meal even tastier? A Tic Tac dispenser full of salt, tucked in the glove box, ready for all those unexpected food emergencies. These containers are small, they close tightly, and they’re so easy to use.

That’s not all! Especially in these days, stashing your own discrete set of containers full of salt and pepper when you go out to eat could save you from germ exposure through communal shakers at restaurants. And if you go camping, filling Tic Tac containers with your favorite spices is a great way to make campfire meals even more delicious without having to pack and unload a bunch of larger spice canisters. Imagine just how handy those mini spice containers would be! You could have cinnamon for your hot chocolate, and Everything seasoning for your hard-boiled eggs.

Well, now that you’re convinced, it’s easy! Here’s what you do: To get your containers ready for re-use, soak them in an OxiClean and hot water bath, especially if your labels are extra sticky or they leave behind a residue. Wash and dry your mini mint containers throughly before putting any spices in them. Then — and this is important — label them with a Sharpie or a fancy, stick-on label so you and your family know exactly what’s what. Just think: You’ll have such a cute (and super smart) set of spices in their perfect little, to-go containers — whenever your taste buds need them!

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