Thursday Giveaway: PUR Water Filter

Thursday Giveaway: PUR Water Filter

On the anti-bottled water bandwagon? We are. "New York City tap water is the best" is a statement often uttered in these parts, and yet, we're not completely convinced. And we drink lots of water. With the pregnancy last year and the nursing this year, we like to run our tap water through a filter just for peace of mind.

PUR has given us two filters to test. We gave the water pitcher a spin (see review below the jump), and we're looking for a reader to review the PUR Horizontal Faucet Mount with 3-Stage Filtration In exchange, you keep the filter.

If you would like to put this filter to the test, please comment below telling us why you'd be the best one to do it.

We'll run this post until noon tomorrow (Friday) and choose the most convincing comment. We'll email you directly to get your mailing address.

After we get you your filter, we'll expect your short (no more than 200 words), pithy and eloquent review back in two weeks, and we'll post it with a big thank you.

Read on for our thoughts on the pitcher.

Last night we had a showdown between the new PUR Flavor Options Pitcher and our old Brita pitcher. Flavor Options? What's that, you ask. They are little flavor packets that are inserted into the pitcher's lid. At the push of a button, you can insert peach, raspberry or strawberry flavoring into your water.

There are three reasons why we bypassed the option of flavor. First, for the sake of a fair comparison (the Brita is flavor option-less.) Second, because when we want our water flavored, we squeeze lemon in it. End of story. Finally, we looked at the ingredients in this concoction and found it full of preservatives and sucralose (i.e. Splenda) and it's not our business to tell you to put this stuff in your water.

We fired up both pitchers (leaving the included raspberry flavor packet out of the PUR pitcher) and did a blind test. In two rounds of testing, the PUR came out tasting the best overall. It had a sharper, cleaner taste than the Brita. The straight NYC tap had a slightly more chemical taste next to the two filtered waters, although it was barely detectable.

Since the point of giving up bottled water is less packaging, less plastic, less of everything, we're not going to switch from our Brita, but for those looking for a pitcher filter, we'd definitely recommend the PUR. And if it's pure, clean water you're going for, bypass the Flavor Options option. The idea is to get the bad stuff out of your water; why put more back in?

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