Throw a Holiday Bake Sale! Cookies for Kids Cancer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last year we told you about Cookies for Kids Cancer, and how our friend Gretchen had a crazy idea: bake, package, and sell 96,000 cookies in the mother of all bake sales, to help raise money for research to fight the cancer her young son Liam is suffering from. This year she and a group of parents are working hard again to inspire lots more bake sales!

Cookies for Kids Cancer and Band of Parents are a group working to raise money to fight childhood neuroblastoma and other cancers that affect infants and children. And they’re doing it the old-fashioned way: with bake sales! Have you ever thrown a bake sale, and would you like to perhaps throw one this year? They have four easy steps to throw your own. They also have recipes from friends and cookbook authors like Sally Sampson and Fraya Berg, former food editor at Ladies Home Journal.

What if this year instead of holding a holiday cookie swap you held a bake sale at your office, church, or school? It could be for this charity, or another (although we really like this one).

To learn more about Cookies for Kids Cancer, to buy cookies directly from them, and to find their 4-step easy guide to throwing a bake sale, visit their website.