Thrifty Kitchen: 6 Ways to Reuse Oatmeal Tins!

Thrifty Kitchen: 6 Ways to Reuse Oatmeal Tins!

Emma Christensen
Jan 28, 2010

We've been on quite an oatmeal kick lately, and as a result, we've amassed quite a collection of empty tins. These sturdy metal containers with their snug lids seem too nice to just toss in the recycling, so we've been racking our brains to come up with ways to reuse them. Here's what we've got so far!

We happen to really like the classic feel of the unadorned tins of McCann steel-cut oats. But if you don't, you can cover them with contact paper - a sticky kind of paper normally used for lining drawers and cupboards that can be found at Target, Walmart, or just about any home decor store. You could also simply wrap them in pretty paper and use double-sided tape to secure the ends.

1. Bulk Storage - The tins aren't really big enough for flour or sugar, but we can store small bags of leftover grain and pasta, packets of tea, bags of dried fruit, and so on. This keeps our pantry organized and free of clutter.

2. Table Sugar - We might not use the tin for storing pounds of baking sugar, but it's the perfect size for keeping a few cups on the table or counter for our morning tea (and bowl of oatmeal!).

3. Cookie Jar - These round containers are also perfect for storing cookies and other goodies. They're also a nice size for toting on public transit when taking treats into work or when making up a care package for a friend.

4. Spoon Holder - We normally keep our wooden spoons and spatulas in an unused flower vase next to the stove, which is fine...until we need the vase. An oatmeal tin will definitely do the job just as well.

5. Travel Container - Pack a few snacks for the road!

6. Office Supplies - We've stepped out of the kitchen and are using a few tins around the office to hold pens, unused computer cables, back-up desk supplies, and random knickknacks. Crafters can use tins to hold buttons, ribbon, balls of leftover yarn, and other supplies.

What other ideas do you have for reusing these tins?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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