Three More Rental Kitchen Ideas from Domino

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
10 kitchen improvements for renters was a hit; lots of you are in rental kitchens! But that was just a start: there are plenty of other good ideas on brightening a rental kitchen. Here are three more ideas we noticed in at Domino.
  1. Storage with style: In kitchens that lack storage, hide shelves with a colorful curtain, and be playful with other storage. For instance, here they use a vintage Champagne bucket for cooking utensils, sort of like this bucket in David Lebovitz’s kitchen.
  2. Cover the backsplash: Here Domino suggests a polyurethane boa material to cover the backsplash with style. That’s a little too much wildlife for our tastes, but it might look great in a more glam kitchen. Our tips also suggest covering the backsplash; it’s great if you can use something magnetic and then use it for magnets, notes, and recipes.
  3. Change the flooring: We also mentioned this, but we never thought of wall-to-wall carpet! Domino demonstrates how it can work: FLOR tiles are easy to clean, and they are fully removable.

(Images: Paul Costello for Domino)