Three Easy Kitchen Details from Grace’s Pale Blue Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When Grace, Brian, and their young daughter moved out of the city and into their own condo, they traded in interesting architectural details for more space. Their kitchen was a simple white box — very similar to most rental kitchens. They have added just a few details to their little kitchen that made it really pop in this photo.

• Paint – We love the fresh powdery blue color that Grace and Brian put on their kitchen walls. It feels fresh and clean, and yet it’s still a strong color.

• White platters – Hanging platters on the wall is a rather old-fashioned idea, but here it looks modern and fresh because of the grouping. (Remember Greg’s fish platters? We’re liking this idea more and more lately!)

• Cookie sheet backsplash – It looks like they hung a simple cookie sheet on the wall behind the sink as a backsplash, and put metal magnets on it. Cute!

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(Image: Leah Moss)