Thoughts On Savoring Every Bite

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you eating lunch? What else are you doing? If you’re like us, you probably have one hand on a sandwich and the other on a keyboard. Or a remote control. Or in between pages of a newspaper.

It’s easy to miss what you’re eating if you’re constantly multitasking during meals…

Even during dinner, when we try to wind down and tune out the background noise, we’re making sure everyone is served, scurrying back to the kitchen for napkins or salt, or focusing on conversation — all at the expense of tasting the food on the plate.

We’ve all heard that eating slowly allows our bodies to realize they’re full before we’ve sucked up an entire pan of lasagna, making it less likely that we’ll overeat. But concentrating on chewing and paying attention to what’s in our mouths also helps us appreciate the hard work we’ve put in to the meal. There’s also a very simple pleasure in watching a crust crumble or hearing a spoon scrape the bottom of a bowl.

So, let us encourage you, in this busy hour in the middle of the day, to pause, taste, and savor. What do you notice? What are you eating and doing right now?

(Image: Flickr member BrittneyBush, licensed for use under Creative Commons)