This Woman Is the Proud Owner of 107 Instant Pots

updated May 1, 2019
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If there’s one kitchen gadget that has garnered a cult following in the last couple years, it’s the Instant Pot. You’ve seen the sales, you’ve seen the recipes and tips, you’ve seen the heartfelt essays on personal growth in the kitchen. And chances are you have a friend who has gone on (and on) about how much they love this budget seven-in-one appliance.

But you haven’t seen this. Nancy Olsen of Duluth, Minnesota, is the proud owner of 107 Instant Pots. Her obsession started a little over a year ago on her birthday when her husband gifted her an Instant Pot because one of his coworkers said it helped their family get dinner on the table faster.

“I took it out of the box and just immediately fell in love,” Nancy says of the first time she saw the appliance. “It was so light and the instructions were so easy to read. I hadn’t experienced a rush like that in awhile; I immediately felt at peace.”

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The first thing Nancy made in the slow cooker was a simple hard-boiled egg recipe with the pressure cooker setting. “They were life-affirming,” Nancy says, as her eyes light up at the memory. “After that I just wanted to explore everything the Instant Pot could do. I made yogurt, I made rice, I made the best slow cooker chicken fajitas of my life.”

The more Nancy experimented with the Instant Pot, however, the more she wanted to use it and test its limits. Because she couldn’t slow cook and pressure cook at the same time, she decided to get another one. And then because she couldn’t make yogurt at the same time, she decided to get a third Instant Pot.

And then, on July 12, Amazon had a huge sale for Instant Pots for Prime Day. Normally they sell for $99, but on they were on sale for $70. “I had been saving money for a vacation to Hawaii as a surprise for my husband, but then the sale happened and I knew this was the right decision.” On that fateful day, Nancy bought 102 Instant Pots and she says she has no regrets.

The 105 Instant Pots took up too much space in the house, so the Olsens had to both cash in their 401ks in order to build an addition onto their house to hold their trendy kitchen appliances. While the couple had considered having kids at one point, they have decided against it in order to take care of their new investment. Nancy insists it’s all worth it.

“What I discovered about the Instant Pot is that it’s really not just a seven-in-one kitchen tool. It’s actually much more than that,” she says cryptically. Nancy went on to explain that she’s actually been experimenting with a secret eighth and ninth setting. She wouldn’t give us any more details than that.

“I actually won another Instant Pot just the other week at a fundraiser event,” Nancy says smugly. “On the way home I thought it seemed lonely, so I stopped off at Target to pick up another one to keep it company.” This means she owns a total of 107 Instant Pots, which Nancy claims is enough for now.

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