This Video of Clams Emerging from the Ocean Is Truly Horrifying

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: paul-E)

My culinary experience with clams is pretty limited. I’ve only prepared them once, and — truthfully — I didn’t particularly care for them. The real fun, I find, is in hunting for them on the beach. When I was quite young, my dad taught me to spot hiding clams by the telltale thumbprint-shaped indents they leave in the sand. We always tossed them back into the water, but it was fun to unearth a few, just because, with a few gentle scrapes into the wet sand.

The mollusks I’m familiar with were always speckled very sparingly across the beach. These ones, however … let’s just say their placement is quite generous. Watch for yourself.

It’s a pretty peaceful video to begin: a nice, calming wave washing over the smooth sand. Then there’s a little movement, and then — holy clams, Batman! The entire beach is alive!

This gif is the only way I can think to accurately explain how all of this makes me feel.