This Town Wants to Impose a $200 Fine for Trick-or-Treaters

published Sep 27, 2017
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Trick-or-treating is an experience many children see as the best part of Halloween. The only thing better than birthday presents is free candy, face painting, and pretending you’re someone else for a few hours. Unfortunately for the residents of Bathurst, New Brunswick, it’s not always seen as such a glorious activity. The town is stopping anyone 16 or older from trick-or-treating, and is also making a curfew for tiny tots.

Oh, and did I mention that failure to comply with these new rules comes with financial penalty? Um, yeah.

Bathurst, New Brunswick, is only a short hop from the United States. If you drove out of the top of Maine, you’d be there in less than three hours.

According to Delish, anyone caught trick-or-treating over the age of 16 in Bathurst will be punished with a $200 fine. In addition, the town will also be enforcing a strict curfew of 8 p.m. for all other children that are of legal trick-or-treating age. Break curfew and you’ll also be receiving the same $200 fine! Take that, toddlers. If you’re sporting a full vampire or skeleton face mask after curfew you’ll receive extra penalties (to keep everyone safe, of course).

Although this seems strict, this is actually a slightly better curfew than the 7 p.m. one that was previously in place. While the rules seem tight, the city says that no one has been given a citation yet. The city hopes this new 8 p.m. curfew will give parents time to get home from work, feed the kids before dressing them up like little zombies, and sending them back out the door.

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