How To Grill Fish and Reheat Pizza, The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, Kitchen Islands, and One-Bowl Pastas This Time Last Year

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A year ago this week we were talking a lot about grilling, summer desserts, and good tips for summer cooking. Here’s a quick look back at some of those posts, including how to reheat pizza and peel a tomato, all about sea beans, the famous perfect chocolate chip cookies, one-bowl pastas, and lots more from this time last year.

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

Sea beans – really delicious, with an unusual delicate flavor.

• A better way to unstick a bag of ice.

Chilled buttermilk soup for hot days.

• One of our all-time favorite crackers.

Grilled peaches with boozy whipped cream and more grilled desserts.

• This time last year we were talking a lot about grilling, like this full menu of steak and blue cheese from Martha Stewart and tomato skewers you can make indoors.

• Easy summer dessert: fruit and pudding cups.

• Make garlic paste at home.

• More grilling tips: flip your meat frequently; how to clean a grill.

• Two fabulous cocktails: plum caipirinha and another drink with cachaca: the Maça Martini.

• A colorful set of bowls and tools for the kitchen.

Red orach — a gorgeous salad green.

• So — it’s a year on. What do you think now of the perfect chocolate chip cookie?

Beautiful kitchen islands

One-bowl pastas, plus Spinach Pesto Pasta with Fresh Peas and Mushrooms.

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