Easy Fruit Crisp, Pretty Frying Pans, a Kitchen Quiz, and More Summer Cocktail Recipes Than You Will Ever Need This Time Last Year

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A year ago this week we were just wrapping up a serious marathon of summer cocktails that absorbed us through Memorial Day and beyond. There was Lemon Verbena and Orange Blossom Fizz, Strawberry Basil Lemonade, Pimm’s Cup, margaritas to make grown men giggle, and much, much more. Oh yeah, there were a lot of good recipes and great kitchens too. But it was really all about the cocktails. Read on to find them all!

• Kitchen tours and spotlights: The Janssens’ Incredibly Tiny RV Kitchen, a dream kitchen in Denmark, the fabulous set of Speed Racer, and wonderful San Francisco chef and author Eric Gower’s Breakaway Kitchen with Annex

• Another episode of guess the veggie!

• Time for summer cocktails! Will you help save the daiquiri? Also, learn learn how to infuse vodka. Also try one of these: vodka with honey and ginger, drunken watermelon, and Campari.

• Actually, the summer cocktails just go on and on: here is a full roundup of all the cocktails we posted last Memorial Day in a marathon of summer sips.

• Green disposable plates for summer picnics.

• Great resource: find out what’s in season in your state.

• Strawberries are definitely in season; here are 110 things to do with strawberries. Also try this gluten-free strawberry rhubarb crisp.

Frying pans for vegetarians (and artists) and beautiful bags to keep your bread fresh.

• Spotlight on Thai: Temple of Thai online shop, and aromatic Thai basil.

• How to make streusel or crumb toppings for easy fruit cobblers.