Chez Larsson’s Kitchen, Drinks for Spring Picnics, Better Mashed Potatoes, and Color-Coordinated Cooking This Time Last Year

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A year ago this week we were warming up to better weather and talking about last year’s Kitchen Cure. There are plenty of good recipes and interesting ideas in our archives from a year ago; here’s a quick look back!

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

• Sweet but not too sweet, a dessert cheese for spring.

• What brining really does for your meat.

• Hot weather appetizer: Mint and vegetable summer rolls.

• All about the Ugli fruit.

• Does your kitchen have an identity crisis?

• A tip for better mashed potatoes.

• Picnic gear: acrylic drink dispensers.

• What does “noble rot” mean?

• Fizzy cocktails! The Ramos Gin Fizz.

• Can you figure out this brain teaser? The incompatible food triad. A year later, we’re still stumped.

• Awesome kitchen tongs.