Strawberry Scones, Vegan Tamales, & 10 Ways to Eat Tuna

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This time last year we were talking about crazy chocolate wedding cake traditions, Korean barbecued short ribs, best boxed wine, how to shape pretzels, and popular recipes for every course of a meal. Plus radishes with cream cheese, and the best produce to buy organic.

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10 ways to use a can of tuna – add your own ideas!

• Breakfast treat: Strawberry-Sour Cream Scones with Brown Sugar Crumble. Plus frittata squares, a great recipe for a brunch crowd.

• A favorite small kitchen: Tom’s old and new city galley.

Radishes with cream cheese and chives. Also, why you should eat more iceberg lettuce (yes, iceberg).

• What is in your office snack drawer?

• Full archive from this week last year