Stuffing vs. Dressing, Pie Bakeoff Winners, and Best Knife

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This time a year ago Thanksgiving was everywhere, so we had pumpkin ravioli, the difference between stuffing and dressing, the reason why food writers hate Thanksgiving, turkey gravy from scratch, candy apple pie, and easy, beautiful table setting inspiration for busy cooks. Plus a tour of a gorgeous hacienda kitchen, and how to roll out pie crust without a rolling pin. Read on for these and more from this week a year ago.

• Some thoughts on brining the bird.

• Why food editors hate Thanksgiving, according to Regina Schrambling.

Best looking turkey sandwich and how to carve a turkey without hacking it up too bad.

• A beautiful potato dish: Pommes Anna.

• A food safety reminder for Thanksgiving.

• Some honorable mentions from the 2008 Pie Bakeoff: Best-looking, and most unusual. Also, here’s how to roll out pie dough sans rolling pin, and a “This is how I roll” t-shirt.

• Looking for a sharp inexpensive knife? Try this one.

Turkey gravy, from scratch.

• Stuffing or dressing: What do you say?

• A great recipe for pumpkin ravioli with Parmesan fondue.