Jacques Pepin Cooks Dinner For Six On $24

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This time a year ago we were in the middle of our monthlong pie bakeoff, so we were talking pie, pie, pie! We also were discussing Jacques Pepin and his fabulous dinner for six that cost only $24, along with honey buns, a wallet guide to good fish, Barack Obama on pie, and ten tips for buying everyday wines. Plus, what is canned pumpkin really made of?

• What canned pumpkin is really made of.

• Feeling a little under the weather? This weekend meditation is for you.

• A video of Barack Obama (and pie).

• A guide to ocean-friendly sushi.

• A wonderful piece, with recipes: Jacques Pepin Cooks Dinner For Six On $24

• How to make crystallized ginger.

• Pies and more pies! How to make a cookie crumb crust, bean brulee tart, and pie of the vine.

• An apple chart as guide to all those different varieties.

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