This Tea Kettle Boils Water Directly in Your Tea Cup

(Image credit: Miito)

How much electricity do you think is wasted by people boiling more water than they need every day?

According to the U.K. Energy Trust if people in England only boiled the water they needed, the electricity saved in one year would power London’s streetlights for a full two months. And there’s a new “tea kettle” that is aiming to help people only heat up the amount of water they need.

No, it doesn’t look anything like the electric kettles you’re used to. Instead, the Miito uses an induction base and a magnetic rod to heat up water in any cup, pot, or carafe you want. (Assuming it’s heat-safe, of course!)

The Miito is still in pre-production and is listed for the James Dyson award, so we’ll be keeping an eye on it to see when it’s available. Take a look at the video below to see just how it works!

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