This Super Mario Bros. Cake Is a Stop-Motion Masterpiece

(Image credit: gamerboymedia)

Playing Super Mario Bros. was pretty much the only thing my brother and I could agree on as kids. SMB3 was the obviously the best — even if I did have to play as Luigi every time. These days, my experience with the franchise is a limited to occasional rounds of Mario Kart (N64 version, please) and smiling over a number of charming Mario-inspired cakes that continue to cross my newsfeed. Each one of the cakes I’ve seen is whimsical and nostalgic in its own perfect way, but they’ve all been topped by this stop-motion masterpiece.

I’m a huge fan of both Super Mario Bros. and stop-motion animation (thanks to my other childhood obsessions: Wallace and Gromit, Tim Burton, and The Neverhood), so the exciting combo of the two — plus cake — has put me at a rare loss for words. From the piped border framing Peach’s invitation to the castle, to the perfectly executed floaty-jumps that are so characteristic of the Mario brothers, the attention to detail is truly setting my nostalgic heart aflutter — no P-wing required.