This Sprinkle Bowl Will Revolutionize the Way You Eat Ice Cream

(Image credit: Amy Christie)

Sprinkles and ice cream go way back. They’re completely secure in their relationship. They don’t need to prove themselves to newer, trendier pairings, like bourbon and bacon. But every once in a while, it’s nice to mix things up — you know, to keep things interesting.

That’s where this edible sprinkle bowl comes in.

All you need to turn this classic combination on its head are some sprinkles, almond bark (aka vanilla-flavored candy coating), and balloons.

You dip the inflated balloons into melted almond bark, then roll them in sprinkles, and let them set. Once set, you deflate the balloons, peel the almond bark away, and — like magic — you’re left with an edible sprinkle bowl just waiting to be filled with your favorite ice cream.

Get the Recipe: Make Edible Sprinkle Bowls for Ice Cream from This Heart of Mine