Tired of Making a Mess When You Cook? Try This Spoon Rest Alternative.

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It’s no secret how much we love spoon rests — or even little dishes acting as spoon rests — around here. How else are you supposed to put your spoon down between stirs without dirtying your countertop?

If you aren’t as enthusiastic about spoon rests as we are, you might be interested in this Flex Pot Clip.

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The heat-resistant (up to 450°F) clip easily attaches to any pot, providing a spot for your spoon — or virtually any other tool — without taking up any space on your counters. Because maybe your kitchen only has one square inch of counter space? Or maybe you just don’t want more stuff on your the counter space you do have? It’s also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning at the end of the night.

Don’t just take our word for it (although our word is good!). Check out this review from user Yeah-Nah: “This is pretty much the best invention since, well, since spoon rests — only a whole lot better!!! I’ve always hated transferring a dripping spoon to a separate spoon rest or plate. I’ve often left my utensils in the pot with the food only to burn my hand because of transferred heat or have a not so high quality utensil soften in the soup. This pot clip works so well. It clips easily to the side of my pots and fits the handles of all of my utensils and the little rubbery projections firmly grip keeping the utensil from sliding. The bowl of the utensil remains over the pot so the contents drip right back in and don’t end up all over your stove-top or counter. My daughters are fortunate to have husbands that love to cook and both of the guys got these handy pot clips as stocking stuffers. And I bought a second one for myself! Great invention!!!”

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