Make These One-Skillet Baked Eggs for Dinner Tonight

(Image credit: Sassy Kitchen)

Mondays are always a little rough, so let’s be kind to ourselves by whipping up something easy for dinner tonight; something in the breakfast-for-dinner realm. This shakshuka, with spiced tomato sauce, eggs, and feta, fits the bill perfectly.

A cast iron skillet is your greatest asset here; it’s the vessel you cook the entire dish in, from start to finish. You can even bring the skillet right to the table and serve out of it when it’s ready!

The author suggests serving this dish with wild rice, but any kind of rice (or bread!) you have on hand will work. The key is really just having something to sop up all that delicious tomato sauce — you don’t want any of it going to waste.

Get the Recipe: Spiced Shakshuka with Wild Rice from Sassy Kitchen