This Spanish Town Started a Communal Fridge to Curb Food Waste

(Image credit: NPR)

In an interesting effort to curb food waste, the Spanish town of Galdakao started the Solidarity Fridge earlier this year. It’s a communal refrigerator — situated on the city’s sidewalk — surrounded by a small fence, so as not to be confused with an abandoned appliance. The Solidarity Fridge is open to one and all.

Anyone can leave food, or help themselves. While many restaurants used to toss leftovers at the end of the night, they now deposit them here. And local residents both deposit and help themselves to its contents.

The fridge is maintained by volunteers, and there are several rules in place for food safety. Foods like raw meat, fish, and eggs are not permitted, and all homemade dishes must be labeled with a date, and discarded after four days.