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This Space-Creating Fridge Is the Smartest Storage Upgrade for Hard-Working Kitchens

updated Nov 23, 2022
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Credit: LG

If you cook even a few nights a week, you’ve definitely pictured your dream kitchen. The one that’s like yours but better, either because it actually has enough counter space or simply because the oven doesn’t turn it into a sauna. Your dream kitchen is perfect down to the last detail, from the tiled backsplash to the I’ve finally arrived countertops. And every kitchen needs a dream fridge that makes cooking, hosting, and not losing leftovers easy. Well, we found ours — and it even lets you window shop.

The Smart InstaView® Counter-Depth MAX French Door Refrigerator from LG is definitely kitchen goals, but you don’t need to redo any part of your kitchen to enjoy it. One of its (many) magic powers is its ability to supersize storage space while fitting into the same footprint as your standard-issue fridge. In fact, the ingenious counter-depth design and double French doors will save you space. All while making your kitchen stylish and more efficient.

Check out the hot spots to see all the reasons we love it.

It’s got room for even your biggest grocery hauls.

This hard-working appliance boasts 26 cubic feet of storage space: the largest counter-depth fridge capacity out there. That includes three large crisper bins and modular shelves that you can move around to accommodate that turkey roast or extra-tall birthday cake without rearranging everything. And don’t miss the ice dispenser — one of two ice makers — which lets both doors have shelving by hiding in a secret compartment. It didn’t even occur to us to dream about a fridge with a trap door!

It’s a beautiful piece of minimalist design.

Never thought we’d say this about a refrigerator, but the Counter-Depth MAX is a style icon. It fits right into your existing layout, creating a clean line and sleek, built-in effect with your kitchen counters. It also has one of the coolest looking features we’ve ever seen, literally: the InstaView® window. Just knock on the door for an LED-lit, edge-to-edge sneak peek of what’s inside. (No more open-door deliberating about your snack.) And LG’s finish resists fingerprints and smudges, keeping that beautiful surface — and easy-pull freezer handle — clean and shiny even through extra-busy gatherings.

It’s smart. Like, really smart.

LG’s ThinQ™ app doesn’t quite turn your fridge into a sous chef, but it comes close. Use it to make ice ahead of time for a dinner party or adjust the internal temp remotely. And about that temperature: this fridge is a genius at cooling and energy efficiency. Its three cooling systems make sure the temperature is accurate within 1ºF of what you set it at, and that it’s the same everywhere — including inside the door! That means your food will stay fresher and more flavorful. Not that we’d take any credit away from the chef for that.

Give your kitchen the upgrade it dreams about with the LG Smart InstaView® Counter-Depth MAX French Door Refrigerator.