You Won’t Be Able to Go to Trader Joe’s Without Hearing This Song

published Jan 11, 2018
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(Image credit: Jonathan Weiss)

Brace yourself, because you’re never going to be able to go to Trader Joe’s without singing “Eleanor Rigby” again, thanks to Twitter user Daniel Spenser.

Spenser, an illustrator and comedian who has worked for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, recently noticed something funny about Trader Joe’s products, and it’s not that they have cute packaging or good prices. Rather, it’s the fact that an inordinate number of them can be sung to the tune of The Beatles’ 1966 hit “Eleanor Rigby.”

Just try it out. “Gluten-free Joe-Joes … ”

This is weirdly mesmerizing, and it turns out that once you start singing Trader Joe’s products to the tune of “Eleanor Rigby,” it takes over your brain and it’s impossible to stop. Spenser first discovered the “Eleanor Rigby” factor on October 7, and it looks like he’s been singing it ever since.

Once you start seeing it places, it’s everywhere. “Super burrito … ”

Spenser told Food & Wine that it all started when he heard the song recently and started thinking of other names that could stand in for Eleanor Rigby.

“Then names became phrases, and then phrases became any group of words that added up to five syllables,” he said. “After a while, it kind of became hard for me not to place any group of words into the song.”

Spenser has been calling these lyric swaps “Li’l Riggies,” and his Twitter followers have been chiming in with their own discoveries.

Any phrase with five syllables works in “Eleanor Rigby,” and now I can’t stop singing everything I see in my house right now: “Lime LaCroix water,” “tall Starbucks latte,” “Blue Apron boxes … ” I could do this all day, and I’m probably going to.

“Eleanor Rigby” is the song that never ends, and honestly, I don’t think I want it to. This is too much fun.

What Li’l Riggies do you see right now?