This Skillet Lasagna Is Healthier than It Looks

(Image credit: How Sweet Eats)

During the post-holiday season I always want to eat a little lighter and ensure I’m really getting all of my vegetable servings in. But you know what? It’s still cold and snowy, and comfort food also sounds amazing.

Now that I’m back to the regular routine and swing of life, standing over a stove might not be in the cards for an average weeknight, but with this skillet lasagna I know I’ll be whipping up an easy meal that is loaded with greens, cheese, and noodles. Best of all? It just takes 20 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes of hands-free time in the oven!

As much as I like a good crisp salad or pile of fresh veggies and fruits, as I write this there are five inches of snow outside my window and Jack Frost is doing more than nipping at my nose. Old Man Winter has made me crave warm, comforting dishes that stick to my bones after an afternoon of sledding or sidewalk-shoveling and dog-walking.

The dish comes together very quickly. After cooking off the sausage, add in the kale, marinara, noodles, and cheese and throw the skillet in the oven to bake. It’s a meal that’s fit for a chilly January and your health resolution goals as well!

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