This Secret Wine Cellar in a Kitchen Island Is Like Narnia for Grown-Ups

published Mar 19, 2018
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(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

When I was small, I wanted nothing more than to learn what the word “wardrobe” meant so I could disappear into one and find a magical icy fairy land full of talking fauns and allegorical lions. Now that I am an adult, my Narnia looks like this amazing secret wine cellar hidden under a perfectly ordinary kitchen island.

It looks like a regular kitchen island in a relatively posh kitchen, but really it’s a magical portal to a wonderful world of wine. This is so much better than a mystic frozen fairy land. Sorry, Mr. Tumnus. (Though, to be fair, I’m pretty sure Mr. Tumnus was over 21 and would have very much enjoyed this secret wine cellar, too.)

The video is going viral now, but it was actually filmed in 2014 by a contractor who was touring the home to help draw up plans, and none of them knew this was actually there.

The contractors were touring the kitchen and noticed there were some hinges on the face of the island that didn’t make sense or seem to go anywhere. So they opened the latch and a secret door swung open. That’s when they realized the countertop was actually on rollers, and it rolled back to reveal a flight of stairs leading down to an enormous secret wine cellar. They had to make a video, because nobody would possibly believe how awesome this thing was.

“I shot this video years ago when I was working for another general contractor,” the videographer explained. “We were opening up walls to expose framing for an architect to draw up plans for the house as built. We were walking through the kitchen and we noticed that there was a latch on the face of the island. We opened the latch and swung the door open to realize the counter was on rollers and then we discovered the secret wine cellar. I made the video to remember how amazing it was.”

I would give anything to know what mad genius dreamed this up. Can you imagine being a guest at that house? It must have been such a kick to discover that the perfectly ordinary kitchen island was actually the secret entrance to the Batcave. Or at least what the Batcave would have been, if Alfred had gotten young Bruce Wayne some therapy instead of martial arts training and a weird thing for bats.

I need a secret wine cellar in my house immediately.