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This Salad Wants to Change the Way You Think About Kale Stems

published Jun 12, 2015
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In most recipes involving kale, the leaves get all the glory. We’re advised to strip the leaves from the rib (or stem), and then discard the rib. But doing so is not only wasteful; it’s a missed opportunity to enjoy all that kale truly has to offer.

Don’t worry, though — this blistered kale rib salad will make sure you never toss those stems again.

What happens in this recipe is essentially a kale rib braise. You cook the kale ribs over medium-high heat until they’re blistered, then add chicken stock and wait for the ribs to absorb the stock and become tender. Serve the ribs on a big platter, with cooked quinoa, smoked almonds, sautéed garlic, minced shallot, fresh mint, and a feta-mustard dressing.

Top the whole salad with the kale leaves (yes, they are still involved, but more in a supporting actor role than a lead) — give them a good massage first if you don’t enjoy the taste of raw kale.

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