This $20 Reese’s Advent Calendar Is a Holiday Miracle

published Nov 9, 2018
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Earlier this morning, the hosts of a cable news channel morning show struggled to open the tiny doors on their wine-bottle advent calendar and they fumbled with the packaging until the commercial break. That made me think that maybe I’ll skip the calendar, buy a couple bottles of wine, and pretend that I’m capable of rationing them for 24 days.

There is one advent calendar that I’m all-in for, though, and that’s the one that has been released by Reese’s, the superior candy for every single holiday. (FIGHT ME.) There’s nothing fancy about the calendar’s design — it’s just a cardboard drawing of an oddly pointy snowman and a blissed-out reindeer — but behind each tiny door is a piece of Reese’s candy.

For 24 days, you can treat yourself to some Reese’s, including six miniature Reese’s cups and 18 teeny packages of Reese’s Pieces. (There are only four pieces in each plastic bag, which…seriously? FOUR?! I’ve eaten more Reese’s Pieces off a movie theater floor).

The calendar is currently available on Amazon, and the price seems to fluctuate depending on which seller is mailing them out. (In the past couple of days, it has been as low as $16-ish bucks and as high as $24; as of this writing, it’s going for $19.51, with free shipping).

If you think that’s too much portion control — especially during the guaranteed-to-be-stressful holiday season — Reese’s own website has some instructions for making your own advent calendar, using a standard holiday gift box, pipe cleaners, and glitter. The site says you can fill each square with a miniature Reese’s cup or a Reese’s bell candy, but if you use a big enough gift box (like the one you’d put, like, a Casper mattress in) then you can treat yourself to AN ENTIRE BAG of candy every day.

That seems like both a terrible idea and a brilliant one. Now what kind of wine pairs with chocolate and peanut butter?