You Can Now Turn Your Broccoli into a PSL

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Simply Beyond/ Faith Durand)

I’m convinced there are two types of people in this world when it comes to pumpkin-spice season: those who subscribe to the PSL fan club and aren’t caught dead without one, and those who mock the card-carrying members of team PSL but are the first ones to buy anything with new fall flavors in it.

Although there are always those who claim to stay far away from such things, we bet they’ll actually be the first ones to put this new organic pumpkin spice spray on all the things. Wait, did you hear that? It’s the sound of your dreams coming true!

Forget picking up new snooty products containing the spice combo of the season — you can now make your own pumpkin-spice anything. Just let that sink in for a minute. Have you come to your senses? Good, now let’s discuss.

For starters, this magical spray is only $11 from the Simply Beyond website. Although it might seem to break the unspoken rule of anything under $10 doesn’t count (or maybe that’s just me), just think about the money you’ll be saving on all the latest pumpkin spice-flavored items.

First the brain races to all the things you wish could be pumpkin spiced all the time, and then it goes to weird things. Just think of your chicken noodle soup with an added boost of pumpkin spice! Or maybe roasted broccoli, but instead of just salt and pepper, you add — you guessed it — pumpkin spice!

Buy it now: Pumpkin Spice Spray from Simply Beyond, $11

For those who still claim to hate the pumpkin-spice trend, don’t worry — there’s also gingerbread and cinnamon too. Now, I get it, we probably all have these spices laying around in our cupboards and we could just shake a little into the pan or batter as we go, right? Right. But by that same theory, we could also make our own toothpaste every day and I’m guessing the percentage of us who take that road is small.

This convenient spray is easy to pop into your purse and take on the go. Try it the next time you tailgate, get the girls together for a night in, or head off for some fall camping with the family.