This Popular Noodle Company Just Made a Big Update to Its Recipe

(Image credit: Barnaby Chambers)shutterstock

From organic Gatorade to cage-free Egg McMuffins, American food staples are trending toward healthier ingredients. The latest to hop on this trend is none other than the college dorm staple, Cup Noodles. Nissin Foods has revamped their just-add-water instant noodles by decreasing the sodium content by 20 percent in their most popular chicken, beef, and shrimp flavors. They also removed added MSG from all their flavors and replaced artificial flavors with natural flavors.

This change comes as a direct result of feedback from customers, who requested an improved nutritional profile “without changing the price and without changing the taste.” Nissin could also be keeping up with their competition — Maruchan, another popular instant noodle brand, decreased its sodium content by 35 percent in some of its products. This is great news for all Cup Noodles-lovers, from college students to budget-conscious eaters.