This Passover Staple Can Solve the Awkward Who-Sits-Where Debate

published Apr 7, 2017
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The party problem: You’re hosting Passover Seder and, as with any family affair, you’re worried about who’s going to sit where. You know your Uncle Irv is currently mad at Cousin Betty and you can’t run the risk of them ending up near each other. You want (no, need) to take the time to really think about the seating arrangements and assign them before anyone arrives.

The party trick: Using melted Kosher-for-Passover chocolate, pipe everyone’s names onto pieces of matzo, and use them as cute, edible place cards — positioned strategically around the table.

If the decisions have been made for everyone ahead of time, most people will have a hard time arguing with you. And they might not even think to because they’ll be so distracted talking about how cute and clever you are for coming up with such a smart place card idea.

Look at that, you kept the peace! And because the Seder will keep everyone busy (all those questions to ask and prayers to say!), there won’t be much time for your cousin to inappropriately bring up politics or for your Aunt Laura to ask why you’re not married yet.

It’s true, Passover really has the potential to be the most successful holiday of the year. If you were on the fence about hosting, you really should consider it. Worried you won’t be able to pull it off? We’ve got you covered. Here are some recipes to help you plan the night.

Passover Recipes to Help You Plan

What are you looking forward to this Passover?