This One Ingredient Will Give You the Best Hot Chocolate Ever!

published Dec 19, 2014
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(Image credit: Kati Molin)

I used to hate cold winter days. Sub-freezing temperatures, whipping wind, icy sidewalks — no, thank you, I’ll happily pass. But, I’ve recently come to not only accept the winter chill, but embrace it. It’s not because I’ve suddenly come to love cold weather. Nope, I’m in it for the hot chocolate!

And not just any hot chocolate. Thanks to one simple ingredient, I’m passing the winter days with a mug of the richest drink you can imagine.

(Image credit: Natasha Breen)

A couple years ago I bought a life-changing cup of hot chocolate at a holiday market here in New York. This wasn’t just any hot chocolate. Oh, no. What I had was a paper cup filled with liquid chocolate heaven. It tasted like I was drinking the richest, creamiest chocolate bar ever.

Why Dark Chocolate Makes the Best Hot Chocolate

Put that powdered mix back in the cabinet. If you want a really great mug of hot chocolate, reach for a bar of good-quality dark chocolate! Instead of stirring a chalky powdered mix into hot milk, mix in chopped dark chocolate. The heat from the milk will melt the chocolate, and make a drink that’s sweet, rich, and decadent.

We like opting for dark over milk chocolate because it makes a drink that’s less sweet, with a more intense chocolate flavor.

Try these chocolatey drinks this winter: