This Old House Editors Pick the Best New Kitchen Products of the Year

(Image credit: Glideware)

What were the best new kitchen gadgets to hit the market this year? The editors of This Old House have a few suggestions for you.

As part of their annual roundup of the best home products, they have chosen 14 new kitchen goods that are innovative and worth adding to your home. What made the list?

A few highlights:

The Ultimate Chicken Roaster from Williams-Sonoma: Which the editors point out “[it] allows air to circulate freely around the bird and juices to stream down and baste the breast, keeping it moist.”

Terna Pendant Fan by Kichler: This ceiling fan is attached to a pendant light, and “pushes air sideways, not down, so this compact pendant fan won’t blow recipes off the counter, snuff gas burners, or cool down dinner.”

Pull-Out Cookware Storage by Glideware: A pot and pan organizer that “mounts to the top of any base cabinet and arrays your pots and pans (and their lids) on a single extending rack with adjustable hooks.”

We’ll be adding all of these items to our wishlists now.

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