This Lumberjack Cake Is Actually Blowing My Mind

(Image credit: Jenny Cookies)

I’d like to interrupt your Monday morning drudgery to present you with this impossibly important lumberjack cake. As you can see, the outside looks like a tree stump, while the inside of the cake looks like a red flannel shirt straight out of a Woolrich catalog. The cake is topped with an ax made out of fondant. So rugged.

Honestly it’s the most perfect cake I’ve seen in recent memory, and I’ve seen some pretty cool cakes — including these geode wedding cakes that were everywhere last year. Those don’t even compare to this mastery.

The cake was created by blogger Jenny Cookies for a lumberjack-themed birthday party she threw for her sister’s fiancé. We featured the party last fall in a post where we highlighted the ingenious way to serve individual pies — but the cake! I needed to call out this cake.

Jenny notes that the outside of the cake is made out of many pounds of chocolate ganache, and the ax is made out of fondant (but it looks so real). The inspiration for the cake was from blogger Sugar Geek Show, who also threw an equally adorable lumberjack-themed birthday party.

See the rest of this party on Jenny’s site: Lumberjack Dessert Table