This Kombucha Cocktail Was Made for Summer Sippin’

(Image credit: Heartbeet Kitchen)

Some cocktails are more conducive to early afternoon sipping than others. This one, for instance, stars peach kombucha, with vodka playing more of a supporting role. It’s light, refreshing, and not too heavy on the booze — just what the doctor ordered for a summertime happy hour.

Assembling this cocktail is super easy: All you have to do is pour the kombucha (if you can’t find peach kombucha, you can swap in another fruit-flavored one or simply make your own) and vodka over ice, stir in some passion fruit bitters, and top with sparkling water.

The trick that really takes this cocktail to the next level is smacking some fresh basil in your hands, using it to rub the rim of the glass, and then dropping it into the cocktail. Not only is the vibrant basil in your glass visually appealing, but it also adds bright flavor to the drink.


Get the Recipe: Summer Lovin’ Kombucha Cocktail from Heartbeet Kitchen