This Knife Wants to Help You Make the Perfect Sandwich

This Knife Wants to Help You Make the Perfect Sandwich

The Sandwich Knife
(Image credit: The Sandwich Knife)

Sandwich aficionados, we might have found your new favorite gadget. The Sandwich Knife, currently a project seeking funding on Kickstarter, is aiming to change the way you slice your bread. Didn't think that could be improved on? We didn't either.

(Image credit: The Sandwich Knife)

In a nutshell, the sandwich knife has two blades, one of which is not quite as deep as the other. Why does that make a difference? Because it cuts two slices of bread at once, but doesn't actually cut them completely apart, turning your sandwich bread into a kind of bread pocket for your sandwich. Let's take a closer look at this double-bladed gadget.

The Sandwich Knife Kickstarter Pitch

Why wouldn't you want your bread slices cut apart completely? Well, if you like to overstuff your sandwich, it can prevent you from losing ingredients, or as the Sandwich Knife team calls it, "sandwich slippage." This is especially important for sandwiches that involve dressing, like a meatball sandwich or a roasted veggie sandwich that might have oil or pesto on it. Because not only will it keep the ingredients in, but it will keep your hands a bit cleaner, too.

The other benefit of the Sandwich Knife is that it cuts even slices. We're going to guess that unless you have a bread-slicing machine or you're incredibly practiced, your bread slices aren't exactly even. Because of the spacing on the blades, this knife takes care of that problem.

(Image credit: The Sandwich Knife)

The fact that one of the blades isn't quite as deep as the other is what keeps you from cutting all the way through the bread and creating two fully separate slices.

It's a pretty smart idea, but let's play devil's advocate for a moment. Couldn't you just do this on your own, by cutting a double-wide slice, and then cutting it down the middle almost all the way through? Yes, of course you could, but we're guessing you're going to end up with some smushed slices, which may be a deal-breaker for you.

This is probably a gadget that only the most serious sandwich lover needs, but it is a clever idea, and might change how we make our sandwiches going forward.

Watch the Kickstarter video to get the full story on the Sandwich Knife:

What Will It Take to Make the Sandwich Knife a Reality?

What do you think of the sandwich knife? Is it something you need in your kitchen?

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