This Kitchen Pegboard Idea Is Too Good to Hide

published Mar 7, 2017
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(Image credit: Mullet Cabinet)

If you have deep kitchen drawers (instead of cabinets), it’s easy for them to quickly become a jumbled mess of toppling plates, plastic containers, mixing bowls and other random whatnots. Can you relate? Yeah, we thought so. There’s hope, though!

Get your kitchen under control with this off-the-wall idea: Use a pegboard inside the drawer!

The photo above comes from professional builders Mullet Cabinets in Millersburg, Ohio, but you can DIY a similar system, thanks to a handy kit sold on Amazon.

(Image credit: Amazon)

The kit comes in three different sizes (although you can always custom trim any of the sizes down with a handsaw to fit your drawer) and includes pegs, which you can then pop in to create the perfect configuration around your stuff. This way, when you open and close the drawers, your plates and bowls won’t slide around all willy nilly. Pretty smart, right?

But maybe you don’t have deep drawers? Maybe you just have cabinets and a few drawers for silverware and utensils? Don’t have FOMO: There’s no reason you can’t do a similar hack with a pegboard from a hardware store (cut down to fit your drawer) and smaller wooden dowels. Just use the dowels to separate your forks, knives, and spoons. It’s an instant custom organizer!

(Image credit: Just a Girl Blog)

We’ve even seen pegboards hung on the inside of cabinet doors to hold bag clips, measuring cups, and other small tools.

Our point? Pegboards certainly look cool hanging front and center on a wall, but they can also be pretty useful when hidden away inside a cabinet or drawer, too.

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