This Just May Be the Strongest Coffee in the World

(Image credit: Eater)

Carrying the ominous (and potentially fitting) name of Death Wish Coffee, an Upstate New York coffee roaster claims this to be the world’s strongest coffee. A weighty statement that no one else has dared to offer.

Mike Brown, creator of Death Wish Coffee, says that a combination of a special roasting process and the correct blend of beans leaves this coffee with twice as much caffeine as an average cup.

While you might be quick to think that the flavor is overpowering and not enjoyable, the company promises that the strength of the coffee doesn’t kill the flavor. They describe it as a “smooth, never bitter taste with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate.” While the price tag of nearly $20 for a one-pound bag might feel steep, the company does offer a full refund if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, which was enough for me to bite the bullet and give it a try.

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