This Japanese Home Brand Is the Best Place to Find Minimalist Kitchen Storage

updated Nov 7, 2019
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We’re always on the lookout for pretty kitchen storage — especially now that perfectly organized pantries are all over our Instagram feeds. One brand we keep coming back to that you’ve definitely heard about before is Yamazaki, a Japanese company that specializes in minimalist home goods that are as functional as they are attractive (think: lots of white with light wood accents). We’ve included them in roundups galore, but figured it’s about time we dedicate some special attention to them. Check out our favorites below, and let us know if there are any Yamazaki products you love in the comments.

Credit: West Elm

1. Adjustable Pot Lid + Pan Organizer

There are plenty of pot and pan organizers out there, but this one stands out for being fully adjustable. Set the support frames where you need them, and place an extra support bar accordingly to keep any handles upright. Due to the versatile nature of this organizer, it can fit just about any size pot or pan in your kitchen.

Buy: Adjustable Pot Lid + Pan Organizer, $38 from West Elm

2. Tosca Basket with Wooden Handles

Looking for an attractive storage basket? Yamazaki’s is one of our favorites. Use it to store fruits and snacks on your countertop or in your pantry, or to keep all your cleaning supplies organized under your sink. The Container Store sells them in two sizes that you’re guaranteed to find many uses for.

Buy: Tosca Basket with Wooden Handles, $25 $19 from The Container Store

Credit: Amazon

3. Dishcloth Hanger

So simple yet so useful. This holder has three bars for hanging wet dishcloths, and is slim enough to fit right next to your sink without taking up too much valuable real estate. (Or you can put it in your bathroom to hang wet washcloths.) It comes in both white and black, and you can place it horizontally or vertically depending on the towel size.

Buy: Dishcloth Hanger, $18 from Amazon

Credit: Amazon

4. Self Draining Drying Board

In need of a small drying rack? This compact board has slopes that allow it to self-drain (no manual tipping required), which prevents bacteria growth and stains. Use it to dry easily breakable wine glasses and cups, and use it on its own or in addition to a larger dish rack.

Buy: Self Draining Drying Board, $20 from Amazon

Credit: Amazon

5. Magnetic Organizer

For an organizer that’s more heavy-duty, you can’t go wrong with this magnetic option that’s meant to go on the side of your fridge. (Although if you want it on your wall it comes with screws for mounting.) It’s designed to keep your most-reached-for kitchen tools off your counter, with a spice shelf, paper towel holder, and hooks for hanging utensils.

Buy: Magnetic Organizer, $45 from Amazon

Credit: Food52

6. Expandable Countertop Rack

Utilizing racks and shelf risers on your countertops is one of our favorite kitchen storage hacks, and it doesn’t get much better than this expandable version. It ranges from 21-36 inches in length, and includes five hooks for hanging measuring spoons and other small utensils. Place jars and spices up top, and keep bowls and cookbooks underneath and in easy reach.

Buy: Expandable Countertop Rack, $65 from Food52

Credit: West Elm

7. Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

We’ve talked about this paper towel holder before, and we’ll talk about it again. Just place it on the side of your fridge, and you’ve got a convenient place to put your paper towel roll that’s off your countertops. (And if you want the version that goes under your shelf, Urban sells that, too.)

Buy: Magnetic Paper Towel Holder, $18 from West Elm

Credit: Food52

8. Double Decker Dish Rack

Upgrade your dish drying situation with this double decker dish rack, available exclusively on Food52. With plenty hooks on the side and an adjustable bottom tray, this rack is capable of comfortably holding a full day’s worth of dishes. And we can’t not talk about the movable spout, which directs any excess water right into the sink. If you don’t need quite that much space, there’s a smaller version as well (that’s also featured on our guide to the best dish racks out there).

Buy: Double Decker Dish Rack, $70 from Food52

Credit: West Elm

9. Ladle Lid Stand

One of the most annoying things about cooking (to me) is where exactly to put the pot lid once I’m not using it. Yes, there are certainly worse things, but still! Yamazaki’s solution is this multifunctional stand, which can hold both a lid and a ladle (another annoying utensil to place). It keeps your counters clean and actually looks nice sitting out.

Buy: Ladle Lid Stand, $22 from West Elm

Credit: West Elm

10. Under Shelf Utensil Holder

Not trying to waste counter space on a utensil jar? Invest in this holder, which fits on your shelf and keeps your most-used utensils close at hand. Slim and streamlined, it won’t detract from your shelf space — in fact, we definitely recommend grabbing more than one.

Buy: Under Shelf Utensil Holder, $17 from West Elm