Valentine's Day

This Is What Your Favorite Valentine’s Candy Says About You

updated May 1, 2019
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Valentine’s Day is a little bit about love, and a whole lot about candy. There’s the classic box of mixed chocolates or a box of Sweethearts, but then there’s the seasonal Kit Kat bars and Airheads that always need to make an appearance. Where do you start?

We want to know: What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day candy? Make up your mind, and then find out what that really says about you.

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You’re a classy lady, but you’re not pretentious in any way. You always say what you mean, and you don’t care if it’s embarrassing or too forward. You’re a little bit sentimental, and you probably have a bunch of photographs laying around your home. You enjoy quiet nights spent with friends over good food.

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Mystery Chocolate Box

You are spontaneous with a spirit for adventure. Some might even call you fearless. If it was up to you, you’d drop everything right now and fly to an unknown destination with someone you just met on the street. You’re not naive, although your mom does worry about you a lot. You love your job, but you’re fine giving it up if it means more flexibility in life.

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Jolly Ranchers

You’re sweet and sincere. You’re the kind of friend that everyone turns to when they need a little pick-me-up. You’re also fiercely loyal. You live on Pinterest, and enjoy collecting small succulents for your home. You enjoy working with your hands – including some light gardening work and knitting.

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You’ve got your head in the clouds, but you like it that way. You’re a dreamer, and you want everyone to know it. You love to dance and try to to hit the floor whenever you can. Sometimes you can be a little wild, but you’ve got it under control. You probably live by yourself with a cat.

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Blow Pops

You’re smart, but you’re not a nerd. You probably work in some kind of profession as a creative director or as a lawyer, or maybe a doctor. You were on the debate team in high school, and you flirted with the idea of joining the chess team (you were quiet good). You probably live in a larger city in a small apartment, and you enjoy getting up early and walking to work.

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts

You’ve got two sides to you: sweet and powerful. You have worked hard to be where you currently are, and take every moment to appreciate what you have. Nothing makes you happier than giving to those you love and taking care of yourself. You probably do yoga for self care and enjoy eating a balanced diet.

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You’re a family guy. You probably grew up in a big household or had lots of cousins that were always in and out of the house. You were an older kid in the group, and were good at taking care of your younger siblings. People look up to you. You’re generally laid-back and enjoy being outside.

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You’re bursting with love for everything around you. You tend to be cheery most of the time and enjoy spreading your joy with everyone around you. You’re probably an active person who enjoys playing weird B-list sports like frisbee or croquet. You love dogs, and probably live in a small city.

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Kit Kats

You’re a hardworking and loving individual. You put 100 percent into everything you do. Your boss always knows that they can hand you something difficult and you’ll get the job done. Sometimes you can be a little down on yourself. Remember to take breaks and enjoy yourself more.

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Hershey’s Kisses

Your the quiet-creative type. Your idea of having a good time is watching a movie by yourself, or sketching in your notebook. You are definitely an introvert, but you care deeply about the people around you. You have a few really, really good friends. You’re never one to miss a birthday.

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Homemade Chocolate truffles

You have a big personality. You pretend to be down-to-earth, but your extroverted tendencies and love for drama prove otherwise. You have a passion for storytelling and other artistic pursuits. You have big dreams for life, but still find comfort in the small activities that fill your days.