This Is the Worst Way to Cut a Bagel, According to Twitter

(Image credit: The Salt)

You might think that the only way to cut a bagel is down the middle, but mathematicians have a different idea of how it should be done. If you want to get the optimal cream cheese-to-bagel ratio, apparently the Mobius strip method is the best way to get the job done. At a basic non-scientific level, this method essentially cuts the bagel in a spiral-like way.

Kitchn originally reported on this bagel-cutting madness a couple years ago. As you might imagine, most of the comments on the post were of outrage. I mean, sure, maybe you get a better cream cheese-to-bagel ratio, but I’m pretty sure the extra effort isn’t worth the trouble.

Two years later, the rage continues. Business Insider recently posted a new video highlighting this bagel-cutting method on Twitter, and the comment section got pretty ugly.

There were a lot of disappointed gifs.

Some people thought it looked too dangerous.

Other people were just plain outraged.

Some people asked important questions.

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