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This Is the Most Popular Popsicle Recipe on Pinterest

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: makezine)

The long days of summer are slowly coming to an end (sorry). People are already talking about back to school, and pumpkin spice everything has already infiltrated the grocery store. Have you done everything on your summer bucket list? Have you grilled all the corn your heart can handle? Have you finally made a perfect blueberry pie? Have you consumed as many Popsicles as your freezer can hold?

Ah, popsicles — lighter than ice cream, sweeter than plain fruit, and something that only tastes quite right in the heat of summer. Grab them before autumn comes, and don’t just go for the fluorescent ones in the cardboard box (although those are great, too). Take the time to make your own, starting with this most popular Popsicle recipe on Pinterest.

(Image credit: makezine)

This simple two-ingredient pop has been saved over 63,000 times on Pinterest, and although there’s no real “recipe” to speak of (that’s Pinterest for you), the technique is so simple it seems crazy not to give it a shot.

See it on Pinterest: Gummy Bear Popsicles

These gummy bear Popsicles featured on Makezine require only gummy bears and a can of Sprite. Yes, it’s really that easy. Put the gummy bears in your Popsicle mold, fill up the mold with soda, and pop it in the freezer. A few hours later you should have the sweetest, cutest popsicles you ever did see. Although the site mentions users had mixed results, if these do work they would be perfect for treating the neighborhood kids after a cul-de-sac game of basketball. Heck, these are so easy, your toddlers could even make these with you.

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Have you tried these Popsicles before? What’s your favorite Popsicle recipe? Let us know in the comments!