This Is the Most Popular Keto Recipe on Pinterest

This Is the Most Popular Keto Recipe on Pinterest

Ariel Knutson
Mar 11, 2018
(Image credit: Our Paleo Life)

This past January Kitchn did a deep dive into the ketogenic diet. The high-fat diet puts people in a state of ketosis where their bodies burn fat instead of carbs. You essentially eat a lot more fat — like cheese, bacon, and butter — and limit your carb intake (here's a list of what you can and can't eat exactly). While the lifestyle definitely isn't for everyone, it is gaining in popularity — especially on Pinterest.

According to Pinteret's Holi-YAY 2017 report, searches for holiday keto-friendly recipes were up 4460% year over year. That is a huge increase in just a year, and it's only going to be bigger this year. So when people are searching for keto recipes, what exactly are they looking for? It turns out the most popular keto recipe on Pinterest is this one for low-carb Italian sub rolls from Our Paleo Life. It's been saved 300,000 times.

(Image credit: Our Paleo Life)

Let's break this recipe down, because I have to admit it looks pretty bizarre. The base of the recipe is a bunch of deli meat: salami, mortadella, sopressata, and pepperoni. You layer the various meats together before spreading on a thin layer of mayonnaise. Then you add some provolone to the meats along with lettuce and desired toppings. Finally you roll the whole thing up and pierce it with a toothpick so it doesn't fall apart.

See it on Pinterest: Italian Sub Roll-Ups from Our Paleo Life

I have less of a problem with the amount of fat in this recipe (that's the point of keto, right?), and more of a problem with the fact that they're calling this a sandwich. No, a sandwich has to have bread. It kind of reminds me of the most popular "sandwich" recipe that we posted about last year, which was just some cucumbers with deli meat in the middle. Dietary interpretations (like black bean brownies) will always rub me the wrong way.

What do you think? Is this a "sandwich"? Would you make it?

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