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This Is the Most Popular Cake Recipe on Pinterest

updated May 24, 2019
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Making a cake is a commitment, especially if you’re making it to celebrate something, like a good friend’s birthday. It’s not like whipping up a weeknight dinner. If the cake doesn’t taste good, or if it’s more complicated than you initially anticipated, then you can’t just order pizza and call it a day. (I mean, there’s always your local bakeshop, but what if they’re closed that day?)

It’s easy to see why the most poplar cake recipe on Pinterest is, well, so popular. The caramel cake from Tastes Better from Scratch has been saved 249,000 times on Pinterest. It’s not too fussy, easily adaptable, and, most importantly of all, sounds delicious.

See it on Pinterest: Better Than Anything Caramel Cake from Tastes Better from Scratch

To start, you make a chocolate sheet cake. The blogger recommends using her recipe for this Hershey’s “perfectly chocolate” cake. You let the cake cool before poking a bunch of holes into it (how cathartic!) and then you pour caramel sauce (homemade or otherwise) and sweetened condensed milk into the holes to soak into the cake. You allow the cake to cool completely before adding a whipped cream mixture topping along with chopped candy pieces.

Many of the commenters asked about specific adaptations of the recipe, including whether or not they could use carrot cake instead of chocolate cake (yes!) and if it would still taste good if someone omitted the condensed milk (yes, again.) One of the commenters made the recipe for a potluck and said it was a huge hit. “It is an extremely good cake, so if you haven’t already you’ve got to try it,” Pom Kohart explained.

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