This Is the Fastest Way to Grate Any Vegetable

published Mar 29, 2016
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Remember those disk attachments that came with your food processor? It’s time to dig them out from the depths of the pantry. Instead of standing over a box grater, endlessly shredding carrots, look to them for an easier way to grate your vegetables.

There should be two disks that generally come with your appliance: a slicing one (it has just one, slim opening on it) and a shredding one (dotted with a handful of holes). Both can save you serious prep time in the kitchen. Use the slicing disk to shred leafy vegetables, and use the shredding disk to grate roots and other hearty vegetables.

Reach for the attachments and you’ve just made a countless number of recipes not only faster, but also easier.

Finally Master Slaw

Whether it’s a classic and creamy cabbage slaw or something a little different, a good slaw is a welcome addition to any meal any time of year. But all of that chopping and julienning is exhausting. Use the food processor and everything comes together in no time.

Keep in mind the longer the vegetable, the longer the resulting strands. While these swirls are desirable for some recipes, oftentimes short, one-inch shreds are what most recipes are based on. Simply cut potatoes, carrots, or other longer vegetables into smaller pieces for smaller shreds.

Lighten the Workload on Cakes and Quick Breads

Love zucchini bread, but hate the hassle of grating all that zucchini? Enter: the food processor. And if you needed an excuse to make more carrot cake, here it is. Any cake, muffin, or quick bread that calls for grated vegetables is infinitely easier to whip up.

Conquer Those Raw Brussels Sprouts Salads

Those shaved Brussels sprouts salads sure are eye-catching, but they never actually seem simple to assemble. But before you resort to just tossing the sprouts on a sheet pan and roasting them, remember the food processor. You’ll want to reach for the slicing attachment for this vegetable, but in no time you’ll have picture-perfect shreds for your new favorite salad.

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