This Is the Easiest Way to Bedazzle Easter Eggs

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

We dare you to find us anything that can’t be made better by some bedazzling. It’s just not possible. Jean jackets and cell phone cases are fair game, obviously, and now you can add Easter eggs to the list! Bonus: They’re super simple to make. Yay, indeed!

(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

In terms of materials, you’ll need the following: hard-boiled eggs, colored markers, and letter stickers. The only craft-related skill you need is the ability to wield a magic marker and make dots. We’re guessing you can do that.

Now that you’re on board, start by coming up with a clever word or witty phrase. We like yay, huzzah, cheers, hello, or anything else that can benefit from an exclamation point at the end. Because exclamation points are fun!

(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

Next, affix the necessary letter stickers, so that they’re centered on your hard-boiled eggs (one sticker per egg). Choose your marker colors and get to work, making small dots as close to the edge of the sticker as you can. The further away from the sticker you get, the more disparate the dots should be.

Repeat with all of the colored markers you want to use. When you’re happy with your dots, remove the stickers. If necessary, carefully fill in with more dots to make sure the letters are as easy to read as possible.

Craft Tip

Keep your marker vertical to make perfect dots. Otherwise, it becomes too easy to drag the point and make lines instead of dots.

To display your cheeky creations, we recommend using the tiniest terra-cotta pots (available at crafts stores or hardware stores) as egg cups. Line them up along your mantle or a side table loaded with bowls of jelly beans and other sweets.

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