Here Is the Correct Way to Serve Grapes

published Oct 3, 2014
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(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

I always gravitate toward the cheese platter at buffets or cocktail parties. Who doesn’t like cheese, sweet grapes, and maybe a few slices of prosciutto or salami? While there’s zero cooking involved in a putting together a cheese platter, here’s one tiny tip about the best way to serve that big cluster of grapes that makes a big difference.

While I love the fact that I can cut myself little slivers of cheese, it’s always a bit awkward with the grapes: Do I pull off a few grapes, one at a time, risking holding up the line? Or do I try to find somewhere to put my plate down so that I can use two hands to snap off a small bunch?

The best way to serve grapes? Cut that big bunch of grapes down into small, single-serving clusters. Just grab some kitchen shears and snip the bunch down into groups of eight to 10 grapes.

(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

Pile the little clusters on your serving platter and they’ll magically come back together into one big, beautiful bunch. Now you and your guests can help themselves quickly to a serving without a bout of tugging and twisting.

It’s a delight when cooks and caterers are thoughtful enough to do this; it’s the little things!

Of course, this isn’t just a good solution for cocktail party platters; I highly recommend doing this for snack time and toddlers, too.