This Is the Chocolate Cake to Try Baking with Beets

(Image credit: A Beautiful Plate)

If you’ve never baked with beets, you’re missing out. Not only do beets provide extra moisture to baked goods, but they also lend a natural pink hue. Intrigued? Move this chocolate-beet bundt to the top of your must-try list.

One key time-saving tip here is that the author urges you to use canned cooked beets instead of fresh ones.

“This cake is all about convenience, so you’ll be making the beet purée from one can of cooked beets (the ones that come in water!). A small food processor will do the trick easily,” she says. “It makes the cake virtually foolproof, because you won’t even need to measure the purée — you’ll be reserving one tablespoon of it for the glaze. I repeat, there is literally no benefit from cooking the beets from scratch, so please don’t!”

No one will have to know that you didn’t break a sweat making this cake, but they will certainly be impressed by the bright-pink glaze and the impossibly rich texture.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Beet Bundt Cake with Beet Glaze from A Beautiful Plate